1. To take pleasure or derive enjoyment
2. To lie or relax in a pleasant warmth or sunlight



The definition of bask is to revel in or to enjoy…which is the exact reason I’m here! To share the things that I love and that bring me joy.

Hi, I'm Mandy!

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Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I share the things that bring me joy and spark my creativity.


With a love for cooking, travel, interior design and all things DIY - I'm a multi-passionate person who believes that inspiration can be found in every corner of everyday life. 

I’m so happy you’re here and hope to ignite your creativity through recipes, tips and tricks, project ideas and everything I learn along the way! 

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I love beans! Especially these super easy and versatile Mexican-spiced black beans. But beans get a really bad rap. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been told “I’d love to eat less meat, but I just can’t eat beans. They make me so bloated!” If that’s something you’ve said in the […]



diy tv frame for samsung frame tv

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When I was designing our living room I really wanted to create a space that was both warm and inviting, but still sophisticated. I decided a “showpiece” wall would be the prefect space to bring in some interest and design elements, without the room feeling too staged and stuffy. The centerpiece of the wall is […]





...that I've been known to hide the last soup or bowl from my family. As a very busy mom of 3 little kids, feeding myself nutritious food often takes a backseat. Sometimes I'm rushing so much that I've even skipped meals. With the pre-chopped salads, bowls and creamy soups available at my fingertips I have been eating so well and so much more consistently which has done wonders for my health and energy levels. 

"Mandy is a wizard in the kitchen and her flavors are so bowl-licking good..."

Jessica Stuart

Jihan Farmand

As a busy working mom, lunch is usually the hardest meal of the day for me. To have absolutely delicious salads, quinoa bowls, or soups easily ready to go has simplified so much of my day. The homemade salad dressings are my favorite, so full of flavor. All the ingredients are always fresh and crisp, with large enough portions to really fill me up, and I feel like I’m fueling my body with the best possible options. 10/10 recommend ordering from the weekly menu, you won’t regret it!

"The food I’ve ordered from Bask has truly been life altering."

Courtney Green

"The BASK meals have changed my life!"

As a busy mom of three, and entrepreneur it can be difficult to find time to meal plan or cook. I care about quality ingredients and providing myself and family with well rounded meals, and am just not always able to do that. Mandy’s meals are not only incredibly delicious, but so thoughtfully packaged and delivered. I get to feed my family the rainbow with her beautifully curated weekly menus. You can literally taste the love and care she puts into her recipes.



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