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Chef-Crafted Plant-Based Meals

BASK Plant-Based Kitchen is a McLean, VA based meal prep company that specializes in freshly prepared, chef-curated meals that are delivered straight to your home in Arlington VA, Mclean VA, and surrounding DMV areas. We are taking the hassle out of plant-based eating, so you can enjoy its many benefits without taking time away from your busy life.




Bask meal Delivery Service

How it works...



Become a member by signing up below and paying a one-time fee. Members get access to the weekly menus and ordering.*



You’ll receive a weekly menu in your inbox every Friday evening. You will have until Sunday at 12pm to place your order and pay online.


Enjoy your delicious plant-based meals throughout the week! Our healthy meals will fill you up and make you feel good.



Your freshly-prepared meals will be delivered directly to your doorstep, every Wednesday between 12pm and 5pm.


 *Extra meals may be made available to non-members on a week-to-week basis through social media flash sales for pick-up only.


Each week you choose from 3-5 meal options (soups, salads and quinoa or rice bowls) and 2-3 different snacks.

Romaine, pickled carrots and daikon radish, cucumber, green onion, cilantro, tamari marinated tofu and hoisin glazed mushrooms

bahn mi salad

Roasted butternut squash, crisp apples, kale, and pickled onions with toasted pumpkin seeds

Harvest Quinoa Bowl

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Sample meals

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Bask plant based meals are perfect for Lunch or Dinner.

Check your zipcode below to sign--up for free, receive our weekly menus and to download a sample menu.

...that I've been known to hide the last soup or bowl from my family. As a very busy mom of 3 little kids, feeding myself nutritious food often takes a backseat. Sometimes I'm rushing so much that I've even skipped meals. With the pre-chopped salads, bowls and creamy soups available at my fingertips I have been eating so well and so much more consistently which has done wonders for my health and energy levels. 

"Mandy is a wizard in the kitchen and her flavors are so bowl-licking good..."

Jessica Stuart

Jihan Farmand

As a busy working mom, lunch is usually the hardest meal of the day for me. To have absolutely delicious salads, quinoa bowls, or soups easily ready to go has simplified so much of my day. The homemade salad dressings are my favorite, so full of flavor. All the ingredients are always fresh and crisp, with large enough portions to really fill me up, and I feel like I’m fueling my body with the best possible options. 10/10 recommend ordering from the weekly menu, you won’t regret it!

"The food I’ve ordered from Bask has truly been life altering."

Courtney Green

"The BASK meals have changed my life!"

As a busy mom of three, and entrepreneur it can be difficult to find time to meal plan or cook. I care about quality ingredients and providing myself and family with well rounded meals, and am just not always able to do that. Mandy’s meals are not only incredibly delicious, but so thoughtfully packaged and delivered. I get to feed my family the rainbow with her beautifully curated weekly menus. You can literally taste the love and care she puts into her recipes.

As a working mom, my needs always come last including healthy eating. I’m beyond grateful for BASK plant-based kitchen for helping me achieve a balance of healthy food that is incredibly delicious. It is truly the perfect blend of nourishing my body while maintaining a hectic schedule.

I’m beyond grateful for BASK plant-based kitchen...


Why Plant-Based?

Studies have shown that plant-based eating can offer a wide range of benefits for both human health and the environment. 


Our meals are full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber which is crucial for maintaining good health and can even reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and some forms of cancer. 


As a community, we can make a huge impact on our environment by reducing the demand for animal agriculture, which is proven to be major contributor of green house gas emissions, water and land usage, and air and water pollution.

By ordering from us, and choosing to incorpate more plant-based foods into their daily diets, our customers are making a positive impact on their own health as well as the health of our planet!

Simple Pricing.

$100 Membership Fee
+ Weekly Meals Cost

How much will my weekly meals cost?

Portions are priced individually. Your weekly cost will be based on the number of meals you order.

  • Delivery cost is included to locations within our delivery area. (Check yours below!)
  • A minimum purchase of 3 meals per delivery is required.
  • Pay only for the meals you want and pause ordering if you need to take a break.



per portion

Includes full-sized portions of fresh, plant-based meals such as bowls, soups and salads.



per portion

Includes smaller portions of fresh, plant-based snacks such as energy bites and bars.

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What's included in your membership?

Your membership fee include amazing perks you won't find in any other meal delivery service. For a one time fee of $100, you get:

  • Access to exclusive weekly menus
  • Free delivery, straight to your front door
  • Food will be packed in reusable glass jars*
  • A high quality insulated grocery bin
  • Ability to pause / freeze your membership


Access to the weekly menus directly to your inbox with a link for ordering.


Leave your bin on your front porch to ensure your meals stay cool and fresh after delivery.


Keep your jars or leave them on your porch weekly to return them and earn a free salad or bowl.*


Ability to freeze your membership whenever you need to, for up to 6 weeks at a time.

*When you return 25 clean jars, you earn a free salad or quinoa bowl

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Earn a free salad or bowl for every 25 returned jars. Just save your jars, and they’ll be picked up at your next meal delivery. Why glass jars?

Earn Free Meals


First of all, we’re able to vacuum seal them, which keeps our food fresher throughout the week.

Secondly, glass is the most sustainable packaging option because it’s recyclable, non-toxic, durable, and energy efficient. Glass also help us and our customers reduce food and packaging waste, which conserves our natural resources!

Finally, they’re adorable!

We package our meals in glass jars for a few reasons. 

Meal Delivery FAQs

No. Unfortunately, we do not offer pick up at this time.

Is picking up my meals an option?

We currently deliver to McLean and Arlington in Northern VA (check your zipcode below). Delivery is included with your membership so there are no extra delivery fees.

Where do you deliver? Is there an extra fee?

Yes. The weekly order minimum for delivery is $45, which is equal to 3 salads or bowls. Remember, you can always order extra soup or stew and freeze for future weeks.

Is there a minimum limit for orders?

Yes. There is a one-time charge of $100. This includes access to our weekly menus, free weekly delivery, glass jars and an insulated grocery bin to store and keep your meals cools during delivery.

Does it cost anything to become a member?

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to accommodate any modifications to the meals. 

Can I make modifications to the meals?

Simply send an email to to unsubscribe from the weekly menu mailing list or you can unsubscribe directly by clicking the link at the bottom of any of your membership emails.

What if I no longer want to be a member?

No! You can even freeze your account for up to 6 weeks in a row. However, if you go a month without ordering or freezing your membership, you’ll be removed from the weekly menu emails to make room for someone on the wait list. 

Do I have to order every week?

Each meal on the menu costs between $12-15 based on the ingredients and prep-time involved. There are also snack options available each week that vary from $8-10.

How much does the food cost?

Meal Delivery FAQs

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Plant-Based Meals Delivered

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